Pavilionul 32 - Intro cdf05 by pavilionul32

(RIP Negru!) 

out... some copies with our set now  CDR - ATELIER DIY

also out this summer
AWWO / PAVILIONUL32 'Cu dragoste şi greaţă' split 7”

the 500 screen-printed half-meter posters

the 500 screen-printed covers

listen it here: 

summer action... 
we will travel and play Grenoble, Marseille, Dijon, Paris, Den Haag, Gent, Toulouse, Barcelona, St Etienne, Lausanne, Geneve... soon... posting info about the locations...
grenoble - france

marseille - france

dijon - france
paris - france
den haag - netherlands
 gent - belgium

new record (this summer on vinyl!!!)
AWWO / PAVILIONUL 32 miniCD split

Check MUSIC section for more info on the record. 
Available for download on Pavilionul32 mindcamp page

 08.03.2014: Updates 
*look in MUSIC section.

new song "Atelier DIY" recorded live in may 2012, at ATELIER DIY , d.i.y. space from Timisoara,Romania:

"Supunere? Niciodata!" live at AtelierDIY Timisoara November 2012:

    Pavilionul 32 - Outro cdf05 by pavilionul32  

(words by Craig O'Hara author of book 'The Philosophy of Punk: More Than Noise')