.self-organized hardcore punk.

(the ideas):

"Building a Real D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) / Self-Organized Hardcore Punk band project in Timisoara."
"Supporting the 'radical' ideas such as 'freedom' and 'self-organization'.
Promoting anti-authoritarian projects/struggles which could lead to building up of alternative ideas/lifestyles in Timisoara/Romania/World/Universe. "
"Support making of a Hardcore Punk movement in Romania that is D.I.Y., and that has more to do with
IDEAS, ACTION, FREEDOM than with: apathy, fear, ignorance, submission, intolerance."

(the project):
Started in summer of 2004, Pavilionul 32 was never a band, but a project. 'the project' is to play hardcore punk and bringing a radical critique to the things and situations around us; to put in practice the Do It Yourself spirit: 'self-organization and action for a free-er world!'

(where is home?):
Our headquarter is based in the city of Timisoara, in the West of Romania.
But, Punk Is International! We try to make "our city" any city we go in.

(the releases): 
  Band released 9 audio materials. All records were released by our own D.I.Y. "label" Gluga Neagra aka Black Hood Society. Trying in all parts of the "production" of the materials, to make all work ourselves, and when needed help - to take it from other friends like us. We don't need anyone to "produce" our "rebellion".

(the concerts):
  Band played around 270 concerts.
In Pavilionul 32 we organize the tours alone, by ourselves (or with the help of friends!), without any "specialized" "help".

(the sound):
The band is mixing (aware or by mistake) different influences coming fom anarchopunk, early 80s hardcore, crust, powerviolence, blah, blahblah and, of course, the most important: blahblahblah.
We do the noise, you do the review.

(the legend):

"Pavilionul 32" is the name of a building, inside of a psychiatric hospital in west of Romania, where the most insane/dangerous patients are being locked in. Never let free. Too dangerous for the society to be let free. What is inside of the heads of this people cannot be let outside the rooms where they are locked (say the ones who lock them in).

(the metaphor) 
It’s a metaphor that different members of Pavilionul32 (same like you) have experimented on their own skin.

(the members) 

SeBach32, LooBeh32, Cocky32, MirChock32, NarChees32, TeaTan32, Djole32, Ze32, SooChu32, TreePea32, Keetee32, Punko32, Broko32,  Pavi32.

(the future?) unwritten!!!

(the contact)
pavilionul32 (@) riseup (.) net

see you around!
'Supunere? Niciodata!'