and here are some interviews with Pavilionul 32
in different languages (romanian, english, german, french, czech):

*views expressed in this interviews represent way of thinking of each person at that certain moment.
be sure some of the views and opinions expressed here have changed, but also that  some got stronger than ever! 
**we include this collection of interviews because we think is a good way for people which listen/ed our music to know us better.


 interview for Passion To Destroy zine from poland (in english)
*interview made by email, great compilation of bands and projects interviewed in this issue!

"It seems that Pavilionul 32 can be labeled as political band. But what does it mean to you to be political as a band? On the other hand, what are your expectations from other bands, from their lyrics, attidude, etc. ?

So, yes it seems so, hehe. I guess, the question is what you, or other people labeling P32 as political band think is a 'political band'? I think political band is a band which brings forward through their lyrics a critique to the political and social situation in world or in certain region. Problem is, I think, that sometimes people misjudge and expect too much from 'political bands'.

People want them in front all time, an example for all people, its like all mistake is penalized much harder than for other people… people in the scene also want to see bands not playing about social revolution getting paid 500 euro for a gig, get drunk or stoned after, and don't care about nothing. And I pretty much agree with this, is important to take your politics from the stage and put it in your life, or otherway around, put the politics from your life on the stage… cause this way we can all see who you are.

Political bands which live their politics and are also active in social change struggle are few… and this is why, if I have a copy of X band playing about good subjects, or Y band having nice lyrics I try to find out infos about them, and I am aware that that maybe they are not the 'ideal revolutionary' I imagine when I listen to the songs… but still their songs give me strength and so, I will respect them for that… not make them idols and superheroes.

Our lyrics talk about political stuff, are a critique to different problems in society, sometimes the lyrics are meant as support for those really who choose to stand behind their ideas , sometimes are just a big 'FUCKYOU!' to the bastards in our little subcultural ghetto, sometimes about frustrations I have with my everyday life… anyway its mostly stuff I think or feel, others in the band if they feel they are totally against lyrics of one song we don't play it. But usually all in band are to a certain extent agree with the lyrics, but we are not clones, we all had different experiences or development, and also different degrees of involvement in stuff songs are talking about.

We are not an army unit to think and act identically, lyrics I write are not a bible of behaviour for people in band, and also we are not official marching band of certain political group.

To finish this long and boring explanation, I would like to say I don't expect anything from political or non-political bands, when I stopped hoping from anything from them, I started my own band… ehehe."

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Interview BY ANY MEANS Zine from Bucuresti (in romanian)

Interview in MPTY Zine from romania (in romanian)
*interview made by email for romanian virtual punk rock zine from Constanta/Bucuresti.
 "Si de unde vine numele formatiei?

Undeva in vestul salbatic al Romaniei, exista un spital de psihiatrie. In respectivul spital, Pavilionul 32, era cladirea in care erau inchisi cei mai nebuni pacienti. Ei erau cei care nu trebuiau sa fie niciodata lasati liberi, pentru ca erau un pericol pentru societate. – uneori asa simtim si noi ca exista un pavilion 32 dinasta care este construit in jurul nostru de catre forte dinastea malefice pentru a nu face “rau” societatii cu idele noastre.

Mergand mai departe. In jurul respectivului spital exista o comunitate umana… in cadrul respectivei comunitati indiferent ca este vorba de copii mici de gradinita sau liceeni, sau adulti cu familii exista o expresie “Esti de la 32!” expresia este folosita in general pentru a stigmatiza pe cei care indraznesc sa se comporte sau sa gandeasca diferit decat majoritatea. – o practica ce este de intlanit si la nivelul intregii societati, cine este diferit sau nu gandeste ca si turma, trebuie stigmatizat, umilit, zeflemisit, impins deoparte si daca lagea o prevede… omorat cu pietre.

Ok, si intr-un final si un ultim detaliu, care ar putea sa fie interesant pt mai multi. Deorece, fie ca e vorba de alcool, droguri, o depresie ca te-ai despartit de persoana iubita, sau pur si simplu un banal accident… poti ajunge si tu intr-o astfel de institutie. Mult prea putine se cunosc despre abuzurile care se petrec in institutiile psihiatrice din Romania… 

este incredibil! “ajutoarele” sosite din strainatate sunt furate de catre personalul angajat (de la directul sef, doctori, femeie de serviciu) aproape nimic nu ajunge la pacienti…. unele sunt chiar puse in vanzare de catre tot felul de magazine second hand, unele dintre acestea sunt legate de sprijinirea financiara a unor diferite culte religioase… mergand mai departe mai pot aduce in discutie jaful in ceea ce priveste si alte lucruri elementare gen alimente sau lemne pentru incalzire, sau banii necesari pentru acestea (ce, nu ati auzit de cazuri de pacienti gasiti inghetati?)… 

si pe final mai pot puncta abuzurile la care sunt supusi pacientii (de catre angajati sau restul societatii) fie ele psihice (umilire etc) sau fizice (batai, torturi, violuri…). – este vorba despre cum traind in jurul unei astfel de institutii iti dai seama despre cat de lipsita de umanitate este societatea in care traim, societate, sistem care ne face sa fim atat de furiosi in ceea ce zicem sau cantam.

Na. Cam despre asta este vorba."

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  interview for Kamikaze Radio from germany (in english)
 *interview recorded live for OssiPunkGeleiger show in Kamikaze Radio from germany;
made during Parannoya Festival in Dresden 04.09.2010 inside our Dacia touring car together with some German beers... below you can the disaster that followed:

  Pavilionul 32 - Interview part1 by pavilionul32  
  Pavilionul 32- Interview part2 by pavilionul32

  interview for ROMP zine from switzerland (in german)  
*interview recorded live in 2009 european tour, in Luzern ROMP infoshop.
ROMP is also 20year old 'polit punk underground' zine... great motivation.
You gotta fucken respect such long-lasting projects!

   interview for Deuxieme Sous Sol from france (in french)
*interview recorded live in Timisoara in 2006 and later published in the APF bulletin.

   interview for Chyba Zine from czech rep (in czech)
*interview made by email in 2006 after great show in Jihlava, Czech with Another Way.